Located in Limpopo province, Vhembe West is the most northern part of South Africa bordering both Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is a rural and agricultural district with limited infrastructure. A number of their poor schools have been top performers in the country. However, they also have struggling schools that need support. The district has a strong culture of learning and teaching.

Our objectives in Vhembe West are twofold:

  • Leadership training for principals to sustain good performance in schools that are already performing well and improve performance in underperforming schools. This will be ensured by effective leadership by the principals so they lead their schools effectively.

  • Digital literacy for educators to enhance teaching and learning, the provision of gadgets and connectivity, and transmitting digital skills from teachers to learners and learners to parents.

To achieve these objectives, we will provide:

  • Leadership: A total of 76 principals from Vhembe West will benefit from this project.

  • Digital Literacy: training and assistive devices will be delivered in most of the 76 schools in the Luvuvhu and Nzhelele East Circuits of the Vhembe West District. As security is a major concern, the district and circuit have committed to providing a strategy for security that will also involve the community and traditional leaders, which whom we have interacted with.

  • Training programmes: to 5920 teachers, 76 principals, 456 management administrators, and 40 district education officials.