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Umlambo Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2009 that is focused on improving education outcomes in public schools in underresourced communities. Our vision is to support people to win against poverty through education.

Leadership Training
for Principals

Principals receive leadership training online from experts and peer learning in communities of practice, and they are supported by mentors and exposed
to networks of principals.

Digital Literacy

The programme is divided into three categories: basic, intermediary, and master classes.

Scholarships for Learners
& Transition to Work

We target academically strong learners who are financially disadvantaged. We additionally support learners' transition from school to work by linking them with employment opportunities as well as encouraging self-employment.
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Guiding Principles

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Climate Change & Food Security

We bring awareness to the principals on climate change, expose students to careers that can enable them to mitigate climate change as well as encourage schools to address nutrition and food security in the community.


As youth unemployment has increased, we encourage educators to teach entrepreneurship to our learners and we hope to encourage schools to give practical business experience to the learners.

Mental Health

Mental health has been an increasing problem in South Africa. In 2021, the rate of suicide increased by 18%, affecting boy children in particular. We are also concerned about the mental health of teachers and will be using the support of principals to address mental health issues for teachers and learners.

Gender Equality

In the leadership training for the principals, we are focused on gender equality and GBV in schools and the education system as a whole. We have a specific program for boys which teaches them to be good men. The boys are hosted at cinema houses for engagement and exposure to audiovisuals. Girls are encouraged to be assertive.

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